Positive Energy, the new exhibition by Arvedo Arvedi

Positive Energy, the new exhibition by Arvedo Arvedi.

From 14 to 30 October at the Fonderia Aperta Teatro (via del Pontiere 40 / A), a splendid example of industrial archeology, in the heart of Verona. On display the latest production of the artist made of paintings but also clothes, shoes and jewelry inspired by his works.

Positive energy is what the eclectic Count wants to transmit with his art to counteract and fight with the smile the difficult moment that humanity is experiencing. It is the symbolic work, which gives the title to the exhibition curated by Alessandro Capuano, and represents the four natural elements (fire, water, earth and air) held together by a fifth element, love, positivity. «I wanted to create a happy island where joy and beauty can revitalize people's souls».

The vernissage, scheduled for Saturday, October 14 at 18, will be in the name of jazz with the Original Perdido Jazz Band led by Giannantonio Bresciani that will vibrate the body and soul of visitors with a small concert. There will also be Michele Esposito from Laboratorio Capri, Mauro Sforzi with his shoes and the master goldsmith Alberto Zucchetta with whom the "Arte da vestire" project was born.

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energia positiva di arvedo arvedi 2017