Positive energy, the new Arvedo Arvedi exhibition

Positive energy, the new Arvedo Arvedi exhibition with the critical presentation by Riccardo Braglia.

energia positiva, arvedo arvedi

Positive energy comes from a sense of profound rebellion to accept the moment we are living, both as a Corporate Artist and as a man, I decided to fight it by offering my positivity to companies.

This exhibition has the evolution of a journey that started almost thirty years ago in Chicago when I met my American teacher John David Mooney. From him in 10 years of successful collaboration around the world, I learned a lot about color, light, shapes, shadows, matter and empty spaces. The concept of equilibrium always unstably perpetual. Teachings always present in my paintings, full of colors, Materiticità and that touch of cheerful self-irony that must never fail.

The American school of JDM taught me tenacity, madness and optimism. To dare to reach the goal, the great social responsibility that an artist has in creating beauty is to propose it to people. Accepting criticism and turning it into steps to climb higher, never give up on your project.

From him and from the hard work I did for him, I absorbed a different vision of life, simpler and more aware of the luck that is our life on this earth. The awareness of accepting responsibility towards the environment so suffering because of our continuous waste. The responsibility to offer, today, my art at the service of companies, to give the possibility to enhance their business through my work.

The Art to Dress project was born for this, as an artist I evolved into Corporative Artist.

On show you will see the Commodore Collection 7 different paintings of the world famous brand that will be exhibited together for the first time.

Positive Energy is an exhibition rich in elements, every painting, every Pashmina exudes positive vibrations towards the environment that host them an experience that will bring a smile to your heart.

I wait for you from 7 to 30 December 2019 in Via Cavour 59 in Mantova.

Info: +39 335 8234 533