Imago Mundi at the Galleria Angelica in Rome

At the inauguration of the Arvedo Arvedi Imago Mundi exhibition, which took place on the first of September and will remain open until September 12, 2016 at the Gallery of the Angelica Library in Rome, numerous guests have met the artist and they were able to learn from his voice the poetics expressed in his paintings.

Arvedo Arvedi has made known the Guests of the techniques used, such as Shadow, Chromolife, ChromoLabCapri, Plaster; highlighting the experience and mastery, as well as the methodology of his work.

Through Imago Mundi, Arvedo Arvedi wants to relive, sharing with his audience, a magical world made of memories, when through the fascination of the story of his grandmother, looking at the books of his ancient library perhaps already elaborated the content of his fantastic works.

The occasion of a visit to the Angelica Library has just awakened those memories so much that Arvedi wanted here to create this interesting exhibition that consists of more than twenty works. With the presence of Michele Esposito during the vernissage, we wanted to underline the meeting between the art of Arvedo Arvedi and fashion, or rather of artistic creations. In fact, the guests received as a gift a pashmina in silk and cashmere, taken from a painting by Arvedi and created by the well-known Capri-based designer Laboratorio Capri by Michele Esposito.

Arvedo, nicely, thanked his favorite assistant Azzurra Arvedi directly on the catalog, he also wanted to share the gallery offering her the opportunity to exhibit three works of the budding painter.

Here are some of the guests among the many who attended the inauguration: Claudio Proietti of Artribù, Rita Colomba Annunziata President of the Scuderia of the Historical Jaguar

the critic Giorgio Palumbi, Erika Gottardi and Massimiliano Piccinno
Fiammetta Terlizzi, Gianluca Andolfi and Michele Esposito
Nicoletta Gandolfi, Melissa Grant and Gaetano Castelli, Valeria Oppenheimer, Barbara Ricci, Patrizia Finucci Gallo, Nicolino Grigio, and others.