I paint, I scult, I create for my personal enjoyment,
sharing with people who have time and who desire to see
my paintings, my being, my healthy madness.

arvedo arvedi

The count Arvedo Arvedi was born in Verona in 1964 and grew up in his family villa: Villa Arvedi, where he learned to love art and painting. The inherited artistic passion became more and more important thanks to the cultural exchange with distinguished guests and an elite group of artists, both national and international, who he encountered along his way.

In 1993 he discovered American pop art and his vision of the artistic world changed completely, opening up to a world of brilliant and amazing lights. The determining factor was the encounter in Chicago with the artist John David Moone; with him began a collaboration that would last for over 10 years, developing international projects. Of these, the most famous are: Star Dance for the Atlanta Olympic Games and Light Muse, commissioned for the 150th anniversary of the Chicago Tribune, The Gate for the 3rd Millennium in Malta for New Year 1999/2000 and The 5 metre high Spiral Galaxy for the Chicago Planetarium.

Since then, Arvedo’s artistic life kept changing alongside with his private life that brought him to move to Rome, where he met the artist Massimo Catalani who decided to create a collaboration on the environmental project  “The House of Fish” that blocks the use of  fishing nets in illegal trawling and that destroys  the ocean floor under the coasts, killing local flora and fauna. This was a huge change.

A new energy arose and gave birth to the ICUPE ICona Umanità PEsce). These small fish, that metaphorically and ironically represent man, will be the profound and unbreakable connection between man and sea.

Therefore, in his works you will find iconic re-enactments from ancient Christian symbolism to the evolution of our culture and identity. Imagery of his imagined world: that's Imago Mundi.

In the last few years he has shown exhibitions in Barga, Roma, Verona and Venezia and Matera e Clusane (Lago d’Iseo).

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