Art to Dress a project by Arvedo Arvedi Corporate Artist

The Art to Dress project by Arvedo Arvedi Corporate Artist was born as a sophisticated method to retain the VIP customer by offering him something truly "unique".

In a competitive moment like the current one, having that something more than the competition can be a considerable advantage. Having the opportunity to create an emotional bond with the customer / friend / contact, which is considered a salient is a very important step for the loyalty of the same.

The philosophy of the project Art to dress.

corporate artist, energia positiva, arvedo arvedi

The Art to Dress project was created to offer companies / professional and private studios personalized cadoux of high value and quality, to transfer a strong sense of elitist belonging to the end customer.

The goal is to offer new opportunities to companies that, through reproductions of Arvedo Arvedi's paintings on soft pashminas, will be able to wrap and tie their best customers to them, with an indissoluble emotional bond.

Another aspect of Arvedo Arvedi's new work, as a Corporate Artist, is to artistically interpret company logos.

corporate artist, energia positiva, arvedo arvedi

In the package we find reproductions on Pashmina of Arvedo Arvedi's paintings:

* produced in a limited number,
* signed
* dedicated to the customer
* with a certificate of originality attached to each piece
* in a refined and personalized packaging

A unique product of its kind. Each of them is a small work of art.
A garment that protects you from the cold, softly and sensually wraps your body and forever recalls a particular moment in your life.

Each Pashmina is inserted in a prestigious but convenient package that can be customized with the Customer's logo. This is to make the memory unique and create a deep emotional bond between the end customer and the company / professional.

Customer who will feel part of an elite of a few lucky owners of this wonderful, soft, useful, accessory. The limited number the certification the artistic value, will transform it into the most coveted and sought after by customers.

People who feel even more important if they have something truly exclusive like a personalized gift and a limited number.

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